Right, here we go.

  Right guys, we’re new to tumblr, and don’t really know how it works! If you’re reading this then you know that we’re basing this blog on the production elements of our music. We’ll update it whenever we get more done to something, if something goes wrong, when we finish a track, and we’ll probably post some crazy shit that happens during our ‘studio’ sessions. 

About Us:

So, if you watch our Vlogs on YouTube, search for ‘OblivioussMusic’ and check out our Vlog playlist, you’ll probably know most of what we’re about to say anyway.

We’re Obliviouss. We are comprised of Wil Tindall and James Grimont, two average 16 year old’s with a passion for, not just EDM, but most music in general - save screamo, wtf is with that? 

Anyway, like we said, we’re both 16, and have been producing together for two months now. We specialise is Liquid Drum & Bass, or Liquid Funk as some people call it, however we tend to just experiment with all types of EDM, ranging from Moombahcore, to Drumstep, to Hardstyle, to Progressive House. If it’s there, we’ll try it. 

Signed to Collective Records, look out for our EP soon!

Wil comes from the North East of England, towards the Whitby area. He currently lives in a small village called Castleton. He produces on an Acer laptop, running FL Studio 10, Ableton Live 8 and Serato ITCH. His hardware includes an Akai LPK25, an Akai LPD8, and a Novation TWITCH.

James, originally, comes from Strasbourg in France (big up’s to any French readers!). He now lives in the North East of England, in Whitby. He produces on a an old shitty PC that always crashes, which is a f*cking nightmare, but he’s soon purchasing a Macbook Pro to produce on. He runs FL 10, Ableton Live 8 and Traktor Pro 2. His hardware includes a Vestax Typhoon LE.


  Well, because we’re Drum & Bass producers, you’d expect us to say ALL dnb artists, right? WRONG. Our main inspiration is Deadmau5. The guy is a f*cking genius. Yes, he has very ‘strong’ opinions of everything and everyone, but that doesn’t draw from the fact that he can produce a f*cking awesome tune, and he certainly can throw a decent live performance too! Another HUGE inspiration, this time a dnb producer, is Rob Swire of Knife Party (formerly Xygen and Pendulum). This dude is f*cking sick. He has written some of our favourite tracks, mainly as Pendulum. We were so f*cking disappointed when they split. Yeah, don’t get us wrong, tracks such as ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Fire Hive’ will tear up a party, but we both agree that ‘Another Planet’ or ‘Blood Sugar’ would leave the place in ruins! Another dnb producer, that has recently stepped outside his comfort zone with his new ablum ‘2’, Netsky, is a big inspiration. Some of his liquid stuff REALLY got us into dnb in the first place. We both agree that ‘Memory Lane’ and ‘Let’s Leave Tomorrow’ are still probably his best tracks to date. 

Other fantastic artists that inspire us are Camo & Krooked, Matrix & Futurebound, Chase & Status, Skrillex, Mt. Eden, KOAN Sound, Headhunterz, Feint, Rameses B, Madeon, and of course Porter Robinson. 

This is the basis for which we’ll base our upcoming EP cover on. 

This is the basis for which we’ll base our upcoming EP cover on.